A smile makeover can be an excellent way to simultaneously address multiple cosmetic concerns you may have about your smile. At Elite Dental, Dr. Andrew Skasko customizes each smile makeover to ensure ideal outcomes for his patients. Whether that means getting a brighter smile with teeth whitening, concealing damaged teeth with porcelain crowns, reshaping your smile with porcelain veneers and laser gum recontouring, or anything in between, Dr. Skasko will work with you to determine the specific combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments needed to help you attain your perfect smile.

Before moving forward with a smile makeover, here are five things you should know:

  1. Selecting the right cosmetic dentist is crucial for achieving the best possible results. An inexperienced or untrained dentist may charge less, but cheap materials and improper technique can lead to results that do not look natural—and can even lead to problems down the road that ultimately end up costing more overall. Working with a trained, experienced cosmetic dentist for your smile makeover is the best way to be confident you’ll get an attractive, successful outcome.
  2. Oral health concerns may need to be addressed first. If you have any oral health issues, such as tooth decay or gum disease, Dr. Skasko will need to treat these before beginning any cosmetic procedures. Getting your dental health in good shape before your smile makeover ensures that your results can be as long-lasting as possible.
  3. Your smile makeover may require multiple visits to complete. Depending on the specific treatments included in your smile makeover, you may be required to return for multiple appointments before achieving your final result.
  4. A smile makeover is an investment in your appearance, self-esteem, and oral health. Beyond simply just obtaining a more attractive smile, cosmetic improvements can often boost your self-esteem as well as help you maintain good oral health. The end result of a smile makeover can provide a multitude of benefits for years to come.
  5. Touch-up appointments may be necessary. Dr. Skasko takes great care to use only the highest-quality materials, so it is rare that porcelain veneers or crowns need to be replaced, but treatments such as teeth whitening may need to be touched up from time to time as new stains occur. In the event that any other aspect of your smile makeover wears down or becomes damaged, Dr. Skasko can provide touch-up care to restore your smile makeover results.

To learn more about smile makeover options and benefits, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Skasko. In your consultation, he can assess your concerns and provide you with personalized answers to any questions you may have.