The Skasko Smile Design Studio is a professional photo studio and consultation lounge within Elite Dental. The Studio allows our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Skasko, and team members to perform all diagnostic and photographic case planning with the highest level of digital photography and lighting—all under one roof. Through the use of state-of-the-art smile analysis technology, our team is able to plan dental procedures with the utmost precision, while helping communicate with patients as they learn how they can enhance the health and appearance of their smile. 

The Skasko Smile Design Studio encompasses all of the necessary elements to diagnose, treatment plan, and deliver world-class dentistry. Learn more about the Studio by reading about its amenities and advanced features below.

Comfortable Environment for Treatment Consultations

Instead of sitting in a dental chair, patients can enjoy the lounge-style space that has been designed with their comfort in mind. All dental software is linked to the Studio, with imaging results and CT scans available for informative treatment consultations. Patients can relax as Dr. Skasko presents his recommendations for how to address their unique needs and goals. 

Digital Software to Visualize Treatment Results

To help patients understand how potential treatments can improve their smile, our team can display a slideshow of their diagnostic images on a 70-inch screen. Using Digital Smile Design software, we are able to take pictures of patients during their consultation and digitally enhance their smile right before their eyes. This allows them to visualize the possibilities of their treatment.

Smile Analysis Through Videography

Video technology is one of the best ways to analyze smile dynamics and facial musculature movements during talking and smiling. By utilizing videography in conjunction with our imaging software, our team can determine how certain treatments—such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, or even a full smile makeover—may affect one’s smile. 

Meeting Area for Group Treatment Planning

At Elite Dental, we believe comprehensive dental care through a team-based approach is the ideal way to optimize a patient’s treatment outcome. This is why the Studio has been outfitted with a meeting space where we can arrange group treatment planning sessions. All cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry begins with a thorough collection of data, which is evaluated in the Studio’s collaborative meeting area. Whether it is an assessment from a colleague in our treatment team, advanced digital and photographic imaging, videography, 3D CT scan technology, or a comprehensive clinical evaluation—group treatment planning helps us ensure each patient receives the most effective care and best long-term results.

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