Life changing transformation for a remarkable woman

Dr. Andrew Skasko and the Elite Dental Team are piloting the complete health national movement to make Ohio one of the healthiest states in the nation. This total body approach utilizes synergies between the dental and medical professions to optimize patients’ overall health.

“Our team at Elite Dental in New Albany is honored to be at the forefront of this exciting work. We have assembled a highly advanced team of dentists and physicians who truly alter today’s standards of healthcare delivery,” Dr. Skasko says.

Connie states

“I have experienced a lot of health problems, being diabetic for 30 years, kidney failure, and then kidney and pancreas transplants. I was blessed with the ability to overcome my health issues and I did not want to ruin that by having poor dental health. I am a person that smiles a lot, but I would look at pictures of myself and my teeth looked awful.”



Today I feel better because I am not constantly fighting infection in my mouth and smile even more! When I look at pictures now I don’t think “oh my, my smile looks horrible” instead I think “wow, look at that smile and those pretty teeth!”

Exquisite smile to match an electric personality!

Robin was referred to our team by her daughter, who also experienced the difference of Complete Health Team-Based Dentistry. She was surprised when the diagnosis led to the need for a referral to an orthodontist.

“I was ok with knowing I was going to repair all of the problem teeth in my mouth, I just wasn’t sure about the braces as an adult.”


Two months after beginning braces, Robin stated:

“Now I know why you recommended this plan Dr. Skasko. I suffered from frequent migraines and I haven’t had one since I chose to listen to your advice. Not only am I now pain free, I am so confident in my smile and able to chew better than ever. Thank you for not only changing my smile and bite, but changing my life.”

A new model for Dentist & Physician Collaboration

Dr. Duane Copenheaver - Elite Dental

Dr. Duane Copenheaver came to Elite Dental to discuss how to improve the health and appearance of his smile.

“As a physician and educator, I believe it is important to practice what I teach. I came to Dr. Skasko to improve the health of my teeth from years of excessive grinding during edical school. I was so impressed with the team-based approach to optimizing my smile and could not be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you Dr. Skasko and the Elite Dental Team for all that you did to give me a natural, healthy smile.”



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