September is Self-Improving Month

Elite Dental is here to help you and your families be successful with Self-Improving Month.   Schedule a Complete Health Dentistry app0intment with us to get your whole body on track with total body health.  Let us help you improve yourself through health!

Thank You to the Volunteers who made this a great success!

 Thank you to the volunteers this past weekend who helped make our 1st annual Smiles from the Heart event a great success! It was a Saturday of Complimentary Dentistry for Community members in need with food provided by  Zimmerman and Boltz.  The amount of people we were able to help and meet in the community was outstanding!





Dr. Andrew Skasko and Team, Dr. Manraj Bath and Team, Dr. Jason Stoner/Dr. Daniel Murphy and Team, Dr. John Johnson, Zimmerman and Boltz, Henry Schein and many more


Complete Health Dentistry Movement

Dr. Skasko and The Elite Dental Team are honored to be piloting the Complete Health Dentistry movement, which will create the future of dentists and physicians working together for the common goal of total body health.

The documentary film “Say AHHHHHHhhhh…” will be released this fall. The film portrays real life situations that explain the role your mouth plays in the regards to your overall health and wellness. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and to your health. At Elite Dental we are a Complete Health Dental Team who believe and practice complete health dentistry every day.

For more information and to view the trailer for this documentary visit:

SAY AHH: THE CAVITY IN HEALTHCARE REFORM- TRAILER 1 from Creative Realm Entertainment on Vimeo.

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